Things Rodents don’t want you to be aware of

Dubai is facing the problems of rodents from the past many years, and people are finding themselves in a troublesome state with correlated un-conducive conditions. One cannot expect a non-specialist to understand the biology and behaviour of rodents in today’s time. These days the rodent control is no more restricted to the use of pesticides; instead, it has been truly converted to a science-based and tech-driven process.

At the same time, the rodents are also changing with respect to preferences, intensity, and life span. All these are actually resulting in chaos among every premise, be it residential or commercial space. It is imperative to stay aware of the dos and don’ts using which one can restrict the rodents from entering the premise.


Steps to be performed while initiating the process of rodent controlling:

  • Step 1: At first, you must learn about the type of rodents as all rats are not the same. A street rat is very much dissimilar to that of local rats, so same control measures will not be applicable for both.
  • Step 2: Stay certain with the de-cluttering of the house. Clutter places are nothing but a welcome board for the rodents, and then it becomes hard to get rid of them. By chance, if one rat enters your premise, then it is a sign of inviting its whole family shortly.
  • Step 3: If you have pets in your house, then avoid keeping their food or water open all the time, especially during the nights. Pet food attracts a mouse at a higher speed.

Steps to avoid making your premise rodent-free:

  • Step 1: Many people use fogging devices to catch the rodents. This step should not be executed unless and until the problem goes to an extreme.
  • Step 2: Come over the thought that chemicals are the only resolute to end the issues of rodents. Various eco-friendly options can be used in place of toxins, acids, and chemicals in this scenario.
  • Step 3: Keep your children and pets away from the site while the process of rodent control is going on. Or else, it will cause a harmful and unseen impact on them.

These quick tricks of dos and don’ts will serve you with great benefits and very soon the problem of rodents will also vanish away. Furthermore, if the difficulties intensify, then hop on to your rodent control in Al Qusais, Dubai. Don’t forget to have a meeting with Suburban with regard to this service. Here you will be offered with quality and long-lasting results.