Termite Proofing & Control

Termites (also known as white ants) are big threat to property and can cause significant financial damage. They are known to breed and feed on wood & timber. In the UAE, Subterranean termites are most common and are found to swarm in high volumes under building structures. Since they are small in size with soft bodies, they can reach even into the smallest cracks and crevices which are not visible to the human eye. They thrive in colonies and have Queen Termites who is responsible for producing eggs and increasing in number.  They also emit chemical signals and if left undetected can reproduce in large numbers.

Often people try various home-made methods to eliminate termites but in vain due to the late detection and challenge in targeting the whole colony. Therefore, any early signs of termites should be reported early on to reduce the damage caused and locate all sources of hidden breeding.