Disinfection Services

Indoor Air Quality is considered a bigger health risk within a closed environment due to the various biological and chemical contaminants such as virus, bacteria, fungi/ molds, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, respirable dust particles etc.

Disinfection is a process that is designed to kill actively growing and vegetative microbial microorganisms to a certain level.The ultimate goal of disinfection and sterilization procedures in oral healthcare facilities is to reduce the rate of healthcare-associated infections.

We provide cleaning and disinfection services for the Indoor Air & Surfaces by biocide fogging/spraying which are harmless to humans and target specific to disinfect microorganisms such as virus, bacteria and fungi/ mold etc.

Air Disinfection

Air disinfectants are typically chemical substances capable of disinfecting microorganisms suspended in the air. Disinfectants are generally assumed to be limited to use on surfaces, but that is not the case airborne microorganisms could be killed using mists of dilute bleach.An air disinfectant must be dispersed either as an aerosol or vapour at a sufficient concentration in the air to cause the number of viable infectious microorganisms to be significantly reduced.