Pest Control & Cleaning Services

Suburban Pest Control & Cleaning Services is a new generation service provider of Pest Control and Cleaning services in the UAE. We offer personalized services for residential and commercial buildings and structures to keep your environment safe and pest-free. Our vast array of cleaning services are executed with utmost care after thorough inspection of your living environment to ensure pristine cleanliness and superior work. Each service is unique, i.e., customized to the requirements and usage conditions of the location.

Our field of expertise also extends to Pest Control services, where extermination is done with help of effective, eco-friendly pest control methods. Our pesticides and insecticides are safe for children with no harmful odor or chemical reactions post-treatment. We also provide annual, bi-annual plans for regular inspection and recommend precautious methods to keep your surroundings without the threat of diseases.


Why choose us?

  • Licensed by the Municipality of Dubai
  • Exclusive Customized services for every area
  • Eco-friendly methods and harmless cleaning compounds
  • Edge to Edge Implementation & Inspection

Our Vision

Suburban is looking to set new global standards in providing all sort of pest control services at affordable cost by developing innovative pro-environmental superior technologies. Every dwelling is entitled to get pest control services to improve quality of living and to have quality time in their family and business. We wish to equip ourselves to serve every dwelling in the Globe.

Our Mission

Suburban is in the mission of providing global standards in pest control and services to all range of clients in UAE.

The experienced and dedicated service team offers customer friendly service which is technically superior and environment friendly. With continuous research and developmental activities we are at process of developing eco friendly low cost technologies for pest control.